AMD ships 90-nanometer Mobile Athlon 64

Issuing a press release today AMD announced today that has started shipments of its 90nm Mobile Athlon 64 (codenamed "Oakville"). AMD previously announced that it would ship 90nm processors during the third quarter of this year, and it's good to see that AMD is meeting its deadline. Now we'll get to see what consumers really want a 64-bit mobile processor or Intel's Centrino technology.

Besides being the first mobile 64-bit processor. AMD's Mobile Athlon 64 (Oakville) only consumes 35 Watts of power, which is definitely going to help save laptop battery life. AMD has so far has had the smoothest transition from 130nm to 90nm, when compared to other manufacturers like Intel and IBM. Because of this AMD claims that it's dual core plan is on track for sometime mid next year, while its competitor's dual core processor plan is still pretty much in the air (Intel).

Now that AMD is shipping its latest mobile processor Intel's going to be feeling some heat. Probably not enough to worry Intel, as AMD has never been that strong in the mobile processor market. This is compared to the revenue AMD has brought in from the server and desktop market, still it's going to be an interesting fight. With AMDs 64-bit processor already shipping, I wonder how long it will be till Intel makes all of its processors 64-bit. When that happens what advantage with AMD have over Intel with consumers. AMD will no long be able to brag about being the only kid on the block with 64-bit processors (excluding IBM).

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