AMD's newest utility: Fusion For Gaming

Back in June I attended an "AMD Tech Day" where we saw the newest technolgy ranging from Puma, to Shrike to this little gem called Fusion For Gaming. Fusion For Gaming is designed for gamers (and possibly laptop users who want to get the most out of their battery) to temporarily turn off unneeded services (IE: Aero) while they game. To re-enable these features the only thing that needs to be done is a simple reboot of the machine.

Powerusers have been doing this since the early days of XP with websites popping up explaining which services were needed and which ones were safe to disable. With this simple to use utility this will not limit this "skill" to just powerusers but anyone who wants to get a little bit more speed out of Vista. I think this will be a welcome addition to the software library of any AMD gamers computer.

News source: Fusion For Gaming Homepage

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