Android and Windows Phone marketshare in the US remains flat in May

Market research company, comScore, has released its latest market share report for the month of May, which has revealed no change in the percentage of Android and Windows Phone users in the United States.

According to the report, during the period of three months ending in May, 169 million people in the US owned smartphones, which was an increase of four percent over the number of devices in February. However, in terms of operating systems, only iOS has managed to show growth while the market share of Android and Windows Phone has managed to stay the same.

Being the only manufacturer for iOS devices, Apple has once again remained the top smartphone manufacturer with 41.9 percent of devices coming from the company. Samsung, in second place, holds 27.8 percent market share. LG, Motorola and HTC make up for the remaining major vendors.

Although, Android is the most widely used smartphone platform with 52.1 percent market share, it has shown no growth during May while iOS increased by 0.6 percent to grab 41.9 percent market share in the US. Windows Phone remained flat with 3.4 percent while Blackberry and Symbian continued to decline further.

The trend has been consistent with other market share reports, although sales of smartphones have continued to rise over the years.

Source: comScore | Images via comScore

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