AOL: Top 5 gadgets you shouldn't buy

According to AOL the world would be better off without Blu-ray and HD-DVD because it creates the format war identical to the 80's Betamax/VHS stand-off where VHS ultimately came out as the clear winner. Their advice is wait... or risk building a library of obsolete discs. I wonder if the review writer has a stash of Betamax videos in his garage.

That's number one on their list, others include the PlayStation 3 due to the game system's initial bugs (games freezing and problems with set up) that appear to be fixed thanks to a recent upgrade, there are still a couple of reasons to hold off owning one. There are currently only 32 titles out on that console, AOL suggests a Nintendo Wii. Then there is 'Draft N' Wireless Routers, AOL admits the promised benefit is that they offer the latest technology and more security against hackers, but the N version hasn't been perfected and could ultimately become incompatible with current or future network cards, get a 'G' version instead say AOL and shave off half the price of the draft 'N'.

Next on the list is Windows Vista, because it will most likely ship with bugs that need sorting out (no operating system thus far has survived more than a month after retail without needing some sort of update or patch). Oh, and your system may not even run it properly. Last on the list is the 7-10 mega-pixel digital camera. Why? because in all honesty will you notice the difference between 5 mega-pixels and 10? probably not but you will notice the price difference, almost $150 on average.

Did you buy any of the above products? (I'm not sure they qualify as gadgets) Will you be staying with XP as a result of this advice? Comments welcome.

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