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Green PC running Vista highly unlikely say Green Party

Retailer PC World claims that it is working on the world's most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly PC, based partly on recycled components.

While this could be easily achieved using Vista Basic and it's superior to XP power management options, it seems the Green Party is more dazzled by the full capability of Vista Ultimate rendering capabilities citing it to be less 'green' than it's predecessor.

Vista has been roundly criticized by technologists and environmental campaigners alike for the fact that it will require more expensive and powerful hardware to run optimally. A spokesman for the Green Party suggested on Tuesday that the choice of Vista for a a so-called green machine could be a mistake, and called on retailers to offer more PCs without Windows pre-installed.

"It would be a good thing if PC World was to offer operating systems other than Vista. XP or no operating system pre-installed at all would be ideal," the Green Party spokesman told ZDNet UK.

Last month, the Party criticized Vista for requiring "more expensive and energy-hungry hardware, passing the cost on to consumers and the environment." This point has also been made by other experts in recent months.

News source: ZDNet UK

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