Apple and ACCC mediation fails

Apple and the ACCC have been arguing with each other over the naming of a specific model of Apple's latest iPad, and now, their mediation has failed. For those unaware, the ACCC are the Australian competition watchdog, who preside over false or exaggerated advertising and such.

As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, this means the next phase of the case has been heard at a directions hearing on April 17th. The results of the directions hearing are not known, though they were discussed at the Federal Court in the city of Melbourne, under Justice Mordecai Bromberg.

The ACCC, or Australian Competition and Consumer Commission stepped up against the Cupertino-based technology company over its iPad WiFi + 4G, on March 27th. Apple had already agreed to notify customers that, although the iPad will work at fast speeds, it is not compatible with any Australian 4G network. They went as far as even offering refunds, though the ACCC were aiming further: they want Apple to change the device's name.

The mediation session lasted just under two hours, but neither party reached an agreement. No media attendance was allowed, and it is doubtful that Apple may agree to rename the device, given its repeated insistence on offering alternative solutions to renaming.

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