Apple and Howard Stern to make an iTunes show?

Rumors have it that two of the world's greats may be teaming up for an epic new Internet, TV, thingamajig. According to a post by Boy Genius Report, Howard Stern and Apple are close to inking a three year, $600 million deal that would create some sort of iTunes show. It's unclear what sort of show this would actually be. The rumor was leaked by the Sirius Stock News Twitter account (@SIRI_STOCK). Here are the juicy details:

"Howard Stern on the verge of signing $600 million 3 year agreement with Apple to host an Internet/TV/iTunes broadcast. $SIRI"

BGR has reached out to both Apple and Stern, but have yet to hear anything back. The idea of Apple creating some sort of TV series isn't that far fetched. With the Cupertino based company facing a lot of competition in today's market, Apple may be looking for ways to really step out of their fan base and reach non-Apple users.

Perhaps taking their products to the airwaves may not be such a bad idea. However, is Howard Stern really the best man for the job? To many, he's considered more controversial than Steve Jobs himself. Should Apple and Stern really sign such a deal, the fruits of their union will likely be nothing short of entertaining.

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