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Benjamin Rubenstein
Memphis, TN
26 August 2009
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Benjamin is a southern boy from Memphis, TN with a flair for anything, and everything technology. His love of computers reaches back to his early childhood, when his Grandfather gave him his first "laptop" (an old school Compaq Portable).

He got his A+ Certification at 14 years old, started his own home computer and network setup/repair service in his community, and never looked back. He currently holds a few Microsoft Certifications and wishes he had the time to study for his CCNA (it'll happen eventually).

Right now, he works full time as an IT Professional for FedEx.

Weapon of choice: I'm a PC (Macs are as useless as a back pocket on a shirt)
Computer OS: Windows 7 (Microsoft did a helluva job)
Phone OS: Android (CyanogenMod)
Email: Gmail (one word... "labs")
Facebook: Ummm... Facebook is for stalkers
Twitter: BenjRubenstein
Personal Blog: The Daily Harangue (no longer active)
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