Apple PR responds to #bendgate... by retracting popular magazine's privileges

It looks like all the recent stress is getting to Apple. Their German PR division responded to the whole #bendgate debacle …by withdrawing a popular magazine’s accreditation, after the magazine posted a video with an iPhone bending under stress.

Apple is notorious in the way they control the media and makes sure their message gets out to the public, but this is a striking example of that control. Computer Bild, Europe’s best-selling computer magazine had their Apple privileges revoked after they posted this video, which shows one of their journalists bending an iPhone. The company told them they would no longer receive review units or be invited to any Apple events.

As a response, Computer Bild’s Editor in Chief Axel Telzerow posted an open letter addressed to Tim Cook decrying the company’s attitude towards the public’s legitimate concerns. Telzerow goes on to say that the paying public are the only ones that support the magazine and the only ones that they answer to. You can read the full letter here.

Whether #bendgate is a real issue or not doesn’t really matter. When a company deems itself above everything and everyone else, which Apple has proven time and time again, they’re always bound to run into criticism. 

Source: Computer Bild  via: 9to5mac | Top image via

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