Apple readying AV cables for an upcoming HD iPhone

Apple has told Apple Authorized Resellers to begin placing their current Apple Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable on clearance, ahead of a new cable which will combine both functions alongside the launch of the upcoming iPhone (face it, it's inevitable). The aforementioned cable weren't very popular amongst consumers, due to encryption chips embedded in them, and other poor features. These two cables will be discontinued and replaced with one simple 'Apple AV Cable', which will function similar to the Xbox 360's Component AV Cable according to PhoneNews.

Why is Apple doing this? Well, this is because (and PhoneNews say they've confirmed it) Apple will make drastic changes to the upcoming iPhone and iPod touch and the way they display HD content. They will also reportedly produce at least one model of both iPhone and iPod touch that will have a higher resolution screen, which will target the upcoming Zune HD and other devices. The next models of Apple's popular touchscreen devices will be able to output full 720p and 1080i HD, whereas the current models are not capable of this (obviously).

PhoneNews also states that, "Multiple options will be given to users to get HD video onto their TV, via iPhone and iPod. First, consumers will be able to store HD shows on their devices directly. However, considering the limits of flash storage, this is a time consuming process. Enter Bonjour. Apple will also provide the ability for users to plug their iPhone into their HDTV, and gateway onto a user's Wi-Fi network, and access their entire iTunes library on their HDTV."

It's good to see HD content being further supported, and keep an eye out for more information as it surfaces.

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