Apple retaliates with four new 'Get a Mac' advertisements

If you follow Neowin then you've been following all the recent advertisement shenanigans lately, and as you may see, said shenanigans have no end in sight. Apple has gone and released four new 'Get a Mac' ads, combating Microsoft's recent 'Laptop Hunter' series.

The four ads, titled 'Biohazard Suit', 'Legal Copy', 'Stacks' and 'Time Traveler' and aim at things like having to use virus protection (Biohazard Suit) and crashing (Time Traveler). These will no doubt spark a bonfire of typical controversy, especially the 'Time Traveler' video.

Biohazard Suit features the typical PC and Mac characters, in which PC has to wear a biohazard suit to avoid viruses out and about. Legal Copy is about PC being superior to Mac, and everything he says that is a benefit causes a legal disclaimer to grow. Stacks features PC searching through thousands of photos, and Mac informs him about iPhoto's facial recognition feature. Time Traveler shows PC traveling to the future to see if future PC has had his crashing issues fixing, and upon being asked, future PC freezes up.

The ads are shown below. Please, post your thoughts in the comments below, loyal Neowinians.

Biohazard Suit:

Legal Copy:


Time Traveler:

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