Apple releases new iOS 4.2 GM seed to fix WiFi issues

Long awaited iOS 4.2 looks to be nearing finalization. In fact, it was thought that it already was finalized until bugs dealing with WiFi began to show up on the iPad version of the OS.

A little earlier this week, a rumor came around stating that iOS 4.2 and iTunes 10.1 would both be released today, November 12. However, as more and more developers used the original iOS 4.2 GM seed posted on November 1, a common bug was apparent on many iPads. WiFi would cut out causing browsing to be nearly impossible with Safari often losing connection to a server. For the most part, other Internet features worked although there were still issues present which mainly were seen as long load times.

Apple has released a second iOS 4.2 GM build, 8C134b. The original build was just 8C134. According to CoveringWeb, the date that the iOS 4.2 GM seed was posted was not updated to November 12 as only the iPad version was updated to 8C134b.

Providing this build fixes the iPad issues, iOS 4.2 should come around soon although no word yet on just how soon. iOS 4.2 offers a range of new features, mostly to the iPad, including the major update of "multitasking." Other notable features coming to all platforms are AirPrint, fixing of the lock screen bug, new fonts in Notes, and a "Find-In-Text" for Safari.

Anyone using iPhone or iPod touch builds will not need to update as Apple has only changed the iPad seed. iPad developers can download the iOS 4.2 GM seed from Apple.

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