Week-in-Review: November 12, 2010 - News Edition

It's that time of the week again, where Neowin takes a look back at all the recent front page news articles and goes over the top items. This week covers some Windows 8 news, Kinect, Windows Phone 7 sales and a possible MySpace shutdown.

#5 Report: Windows Phone 7 sales underwhelm
By: Andrew Lyle

Microsoft launched their competing phone, dubbed 'Windows Phone 7' to the market last week, and its first day sales didn't impress. The report suggests that Microsoft only sold 40,000 units, possibly due to stock shortages. Microsoft explains that not every device will take off on its first day on the market, but only time will tell if Windows Phone 7 is popular with the masses.

#4 Neowin's top 10 Android apps you can't live without
By: Andrew Lyle

Neowin took to the community to seek out the best Android applications on the marketplace and we found them. In our top 10 Android applications, we look at applications to help scan barcodes to find better deals, GPS and navigation, an SMS application to help you manage your messages and a very cool application to transform the look of your Android phone.

#3 MySpace shutdown seems imminent
By: Benjamin Rubenstein

Once the largest social networking website on the Internet, is now finding it hard to even stay afloat. MySpace was purchased back in 2004 for $580 million, which seemed like a good deal at the time. Since the purchase of MySpace, they have attempted to rebrand as a music and entertainment service, which hasn't paid off.

Facebook is now dominating the market, which surpassed MySpace months ago, is taking over the scene as the social networking giant. The imminent shutdown of MySpace might be on its way, leaving the remaining users of the site to seek shelter somewhere else.

#2 Microsoft Kinect hacked three days after release
By: Tom Dwyer

Microsoft's latest add-on to the Xbox 360 is Kinect. The controller-less motion capture device allows players to control the game with their body movements. Kinect went on sale just last week and three days after its release, hackers managed to create drivers for the device to show support in Windows 7.

Although the drivers are still in early stages of development, the practicality and potential is very present to have a Monitory Report style Windows desktop. One hacker even put up a reward of $2,000 to the first person that can get Kinect to work on Windows 7.

What did our readers have to say?

vice le von said, "I think MS should be smart and license its Kinnect software or offer an API. Imagine what the devs community will come up with for MS....for freee!"

BeLGaRaTh said, "TBH all they are doing is controlling the motor function and detecting/managing orientation, there is no camera functionality etc etc etc involved so thus far it is as useful as a chocolate fire-guard. " Continued here.

#1 Windows 8 to include automated cloud backup, Live services integration
By: Brad Sams

Some new details about Windows 8 have leaked out, with a suggested launch time frame in 2012. The successor to Windows 7, codenamed Windows 8 is believed to have automated cloud backup storage and integrated Live services.

Not many details are known about Windows 8, but we know that Microsoft is hard at work on the next major version of their operating system. Windows 7 is already a huge success, but it will be very interesting to see what Windows 8 brings.

What did our readers have to say?

AgentGray said, "Embeded live? Isn't it unfair for microsoft to include software that they wrote in their OS? Lets get the EU involved now!"

BoyBoppins said, "Hopefully Microsoft puts some WP7 like restrictions on manufacturers to kill some bloatware."

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