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Dayton, OH
10 October 2005
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Alan J. Cone, born to a wed couple of five years, lived in Oakwood, OH for two years before moving to Kettering, OH in a house to accommodate for a new baby brother. Early on he was placed onto his father's lap so that he may use the computer. As soon as he could hold his head up, Alan was using the technology available to him, which was a Pre-Windows 95 machine.

His use of the computer and technology was on and off, due to the attraction of Lego and Hot Wheels. In 6th grade he joined the message board BigBlueBall, which was all about instant messengers. Through this he learned about IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and began taking a larger interest in computers. What began began his graphic and web design freelance work was a contest to create an advertisement. He won in his category, and soon fell in love with Photoshop.

There was also a school newspaper which Alan created a site for using GeoCities, however he wanted to know more about the code behind the design and not be limited to WYSIWYG tools. From there he went on to make a blog at (No longer active), and took part in various graphic contests.

Around the same time, he was also introduced to Neowin which was a new community and one with plenty of opportunities. Slowly but surely he became more active here, especially after BigBlueBall didn't seem to have as much of a place since IM clients no longer had all of the massive bugs they used to. Alan continued working on graphic design and web design, doing local websites for freelance work.

Today, Alan is 18, a senior in high school and a freshman at Sinclair Community College via a program that allows him to go to college for high school, and college credit. He actively still works on web design and graphic design, as well as writing for Neowin at every free chance he gets. Alan is on his way to study Neuroscience, specifically Neuropsychology at the University of Cincinnati next year, where his eventual career plan is to go into research neurology.

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