Apple reveals details on new Time Capsule models

For those with a Mac who are avid fans of backing up their data, Apple has unveiled details on their new backup device which they have cleverly named Time Capsule. The new models that will become available soon offer a storage capacity of either 2TB or 3TB.

After several rumours on what new features the Time Capsule will have were listed on several technology websites, it's clear that Apple have made some welcome changes to the device but doesn't necessarily bring a fundamental shift in its functionality. In comparison to previous models, the new Time Capsule primarily improves features such as faster connection and backup speed, in addition to the bump in storage space.

The prices that Apple currently have listed for the devices start at $299; the same price that was used for the 1TB model that was first released over three years ago. The Time Capsule boasts dual-band 802.11n wireless connectivity with the ability of using a USB port to allow sharing of a printer over the network. This therefore makes the Time Capsule a rare product of having both a network base station and a backup facility in one device.

Back in 2009, Apple admitted that there were certain issues with some of the devices after people complained that they were turning themselves off. The company offered free repairs or replacements for those sold between February and June 2008.

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