Team Fortress 2 free to play for next week; update coming Thursday

After hinting that something big was coming last week for Team Fortress 2 players, the multiplayer shooter's developer Valve has now confirmed that a huge content update is coming for the game on Thursday. The announcement was made on the game's official web site which is calling the Thursday event the "Uber update." Valve says that this event is "the biggest, most ambitious update in the history of Team Fortress 2." And if you have followed the game since its release in 2007 you know that's saying something.

Valve has decided to celebrate the update with something that they have never done before. They have let anyone play the full game for free for the next week. You can download the game now via Steam. Previously Valve has had weekend-long free play periods for Team Fortress 2.

Valve is slowly revealing what will be included in the Uber update starting with the reveal that some fans have already guessed about. Valve will indeed be releasing a new movie in its "Meet The" series that will center on the Medic class. It will be the first new movie in the series in two years. Valve has also announced that there will be some variations of the weapons for the Heavy and Spy classes. These changes are part of giving these characters a "mobster" feel including adding 40 percent to the clip size to the Heavy's shotgun while also reducing the damage by 15 percent. A new Playload map, Barnblitz, will also be part of the Uber update.

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