Apple store Genius finds child pornography on a Power Mac G5

A man in Stamford, Connecticut is now in police custody after taking his PowerMac G5 computer to an Apple store for repairs relating to problems with image files. Raymond Miller took his computer to the Genius Bar at his local Apple store saying that he was having trouble with image files; when the technician started to look over the computer he found child pornography and alerted the local police.

Miller was immediately arrested after the police confirmed that the computer was his and he is now behind bars awaiting trial. "Miller was charged with one count of possession of child pornography, a class-B felony punishable by a minimum five-year prison sentence upon conviction."

It makes you wonder if Miller was trying to get caught. Why would someone take a computer with illegal content to an Apple store for repair and then point the technician directly to your explicit photos?

If you are also wondering if computer technicians are allowed to search your computer, they do have the right. The Supreme Court refused to hear a case where another individual was caught with child pornography after he gave his computer to Circuit City to install a DVD drive.

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