Microsoft posts PowerPoint 2010 slideshow teaser

Microsoft's upcoming Office 2010 suite packs some excellent new improvements; each of the various applications has had significant improvements, and now we've been shown a teaser of the presentations capable in the new PowerPoint, from Microsoft itself. Specifically, the video shows off the DirectX integration within the application, which helps with creating much more impressive presentations.

In the video, it shows the vast amount of new effects available, all of which are vastly improved over the older version of the software. As a few people have pointed out, the effects bring PowerPoint to the same level as that of Apple's Keynote software, which is most certainly a good thing. According to the PowerPoint team's blog, the new version will be packing the following:

  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering engine
  • New transition effects and an updated user interface
  • Revamped animation effects and a brand new UI (timelines!)
  • Animation Painter (copy your animations between objects)
  • Choreograph animations with multimedia
We've included the video below, in a nice high definition format, so please enjoy and comment with your thoughts.

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