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Apple will start publishing AI research, work closer with academia

Apple is known as one of the most secretive technology companies out there, oftentimes hiding breakthroughs and advances inside of its walls. But that attitude might soon change, albeit to a small extent, as the iPhone-maker is promising to publish some of its artificial intelligence research.

Very recently, investors were criticizing Apple, and saying that the company’s position in the coming decade may be a lot less privileged than it currently is. That’s because smartphones, which account for a huge part of Apple’s revenues and profits, will take a backseat to technologies like AI, augmented reality, and other services where Apple is just a novice. Its closed and secretive nature was also viewed as a potential issue for the company as the fields in question often rely on open technologies, collaborations with academic institutions, and a lot of basic research done out in the open.

Now Apple, at least to some extent, seems to be addressing those very concerns. The company’s AI director, Russ Salakhutdinov has unofficially announced Apple would start publishing research and engaging more with academic institutions next year.

The company is also likely looking to entice the research community and young engineers and scientists to work for them. It’s hard to tell devoted researchers they can’t share their advances and discoveries with their peers because they’re Apple’s trade secrets, so a softening of this stance may help Apple garner new talent in the long-term.

Source: Twitter Via: Engadget | Siri image via Shutterstock

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