Are we finally getting Instagram on Windows Phone 8? Don't count on it!

The Windows Phone platform is lagging behind its Android and iOS competitors when it comes to the overall number of apps available, and the number of developers willing to bring their apps to a product with, what is currently, a low market share. And with the majority of the social networking giants - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc - offering an official Windows Phone application it’s no surprise that an official Instagram app is one that users a calling out for.

The rumours, kind-of confirmations and third-party applications have been tearing up the Internet for weeks now. So just to add more fuel to the fire, here’s another one!

An image has appeared, courtesy of an eagle eye reader, on WPCentral that shows an Instagram live tile on the home screen of a Nokia Lumia 620. The picture, taken in Portugal, is of an advert for the handset.

While we have had it confirmed that Instagram is coming to Windows Phone, by Nokia at least, there are a few third party apps that use the Instagram logo for their app. Instagram Tweets and Winstagram are two that come to mind right away. Also, the icon in the image above looks, well, squashed. One might think that the advertisers are attempting to sway consumer’s opinions by making them think that an Instagram app is available on the Windows Phone platform. Not that it’s not, just not an official one.

An image from WPDang suggesting that Instagram is available on Windows Phone

So, it’s yet another will it or won’t it card to add to the pile of Instagram stories doing the rounds. But with Windows Phone gradually converting consumers and slowly gaining market share, an official Instagram app might help swell those numbers a little more.

Source and Images: WPCentral and WPDang
Via: WPDang (Needs a translator)

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