Asus unveils their N20A notebook

When looking at the N20A it can mislead, and make you think it is just another Asus Eee PC. After taking a good look, it is obvious that they have no connection, fortunately for the market, which is getting a bit stuffy for all of the netbooks right now.

This is pretty much a complete notebook, with impressive hardware, with a small 12.1" WXGA screen. In this tiny package, the N20A packs the full potential of a Core 2 Duo platform while its little brother, the A10, uses the Intel Atom. The list of processors is quite satisfying: Intel Core 2 Duo P9400, P8600, P7350 or T5850.

The GPU used is the Intel X4500HD, on a GM45 Express chipset. This is a very nice combination with the processors, especially if you are a HD addict. You can use the HDMI port to send the picture to a bigger TV screen, if you find the 12.1" screen is not big enough. The hard drives available in this model are 160, 250 or 320GB, all 2.5", spinning at 5400RPM. The amount of RAM memory that can fit in N20A is 4GB in 2 x SODIMM sockets. Battery optionals include 2600, 4200 or 7800 mAh versions. An approximate weight of this device is about 1.85 kilograms with the smallest 3-cell battery.

The laptop includes CD/DVD burner, eSATA, mini D-Sub, 8-in-1 card reader, 3x USB ports, webcam, and a number of other hardware and software extras that can make your life a lot easier. Unfortunately the notebook lacks any firewire ports. For a wireless connection a v2.0 Bluetooth + EDR, Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100 ABGN and in some regions a 3/3.5G antenna are included.

Prices start at $1000.

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