Seagate and Dell offer self-encrypting drives

Seagate and Dell have announced that they will be shipping laptops with self-encrypting solutions for hard drives up to 320GB. The company said this was a move to prevent data theft on stolen laptops from being recovered.

With rising thefts on notebooks, this solution would help ensure companies protect their data from being recovered by hackers. Dell is also working on self-encrypting solutions for larger hard drives, up to 500GB.

Dell will be the first computer manufacturer to ship laptops with self-encrypting hard drives. McAfee will be the provider for software for laptops, with Seagate hard drives for larger businesses. This will be combined with McAfee's Data Privacy Law Compliance with each drive.

The self-encrypting hard drives will be available in 5400rpm, and 7200rpm models, with a maximum of 500GB storage. This will be the release of Seagates new Momentus FDE (full disk encryption) laptop hard drives.

According to the FBI, in 2005, laptop theft totalled more than 6.7 Million dollars. The FBI also stated that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, and only 3% are recovered.

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