ATI launches new mobile graphics chip

NO SOONER DOES NVIDIA announce new mobile graphics chips than ATI is jumping in to do the same thing. The world has gone laptop crazy, we tell you! The new ATI chips are all part of the Mobility Radeon 9600 series.

It seems like only a few minutes ago that this keyboard was tapping out the news that Nvidia might well have the fastest mobile graphics chips [it was almost an hour ago, type faster. Ed.] and now ATI might have the fastest. We'll just have to wait for the benchmarks to come through before a winner can be named.

The new ATI chip comes in four versions. One uses external memory and the other three use on-chip memory of up to 128MB. ATI claims it is the first chip to use GDDR2-M, a version of DDR2 designed especially with mobile graphics in mind.

ATI also makes several other claims in its press release about being first in this or best at that. But Nvidia makes most of the same claims about its Geforce FX Go5600 and Go5200 so it's difficult to tell who is right. We're sure they both deserve a pat on the back

News source: The Inq

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