ATi set to make a Half-Life 2 announcement tomorrow

A Counterstrike to Nvidia's NV36/NV38 noise

AN OFFICIAL from ATi Technologies has exclusively advised the INQUIRER that the company is confident of being in a position to finally make an announcement regarding Half-Life 2 tomorrow (Thursday 24th October).

We anticipate this will be in relation to the bundling promises ATi has made to its trade and end-user customers, who have already committed to Radeon 9600XT and 9800XT product purchases. These guys will be sitting staring at their HL2 vouchers, wondering what they're worth, we suggest.

Hopefully ATi's statement will include an actual date they will start shipping Half-Life 2, and frankly, it's about time the company put its customers concerns to rest, especially since Valve hasn't yet felt able to do so.

News source: The Inquirer

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