AT&T capping upload data speeds?


Angry users over at the forum have noticed that AT&T is throttling their upload speeds to 100kbps.

This doesn't appear to be an isolated problem, but affecting over 20 cities and counting. The forum members are reporting that the following cities have been affected:
NYC, Central Jersey, Boston, Orlando, Seattle, South Jersey/Philly, Columbus, Cleveland, West Houston, Phoenix, Northern Colorado, St. Paul/Minesota, Suffolk County/Long Island, Quad Cities, South Jersey, Denver, Detroit Metro, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Fairfax, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Des Moines

Reports show that download speeds have not been affected, yet, but users are experiencing slow upload speeds. Not every user with an iPhone has been affected, some are still showing lightly fast download and upload speeds, while others are receiving less than 100kbps. There is also word that AT&T might possibly be updating their network to HSUPA, which will allow for faster upload speeds, up to 1Mbps. So users may have to settle for slow uploads speeds for the time being.

What’s not clear is why AT&T has recently begun this practice (if true) and why this issue has never occurred in the past.  Is this AT&T’s new way of ensuring its network doesn’t collapse under the weight of the iPhone and its media heavy users?  You can try this out for yourself by visiting and run the test that will tell you your upload and download speeds. 

AT&T has yet to comment on the issue.

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