Youtube might prefer Flash but advertisers jump on HTML5

Glow Interactive claims that it is the first company to produce an in-browser, rich media advertisement that is compatible with the iOS platform. Recent news has suggested that HTML5 is not quite ready for prime time, but due to the absence of Flash on Apple's mobile platform, companies have been unable to dip into the typically lucrative content-ad market.

Glow Interactive, its NBC-owned partner "Syfy", and the New York Times, have entered a multi-party advertising agreement featuring HTML5 advertisements. Well known for their sci-fi and tech related programming, Syfy is gearing up to begin a new season of its most-watched program "Warehouse 13". The HTML5 advertisement, developed by Glow Interactive, features a few neat gimmicks, including slide-outs and the ability to swipe through different sections of the ad before actually viewing the series trailer; the ad runs today on [or you can check out the hosted demo here.] Overall the advertisement is very cleanly put together and is a solid showcase of the capabilities of the standard as it relates to advertisement.

This is good news for iOS users as present, and future ads can now be targeted towards those that utilize Apple's Flash-free devices. Users will be able to get their "ad-bombardment fix" on the run, over coffee, or during meetings and advertisers will no longer be restricted to Apple's in-house/in-app ad scheme, iAds.

HTML5 is ready for prime time in the advertising sphere, delivering rich, content filled ads that are truly multi-platform. Hopefully the real content will be delivered in due time as well.

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