AT&T users can finally upgrade their Nokia Lumia 830 to Windows 10 Mobile

Today is the last day that you can upgrade your PC to Windows 10 for free, and unsupported devices can no longer use the Insider Preview to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, but some devices are still being approved for the upgrade. AT&T has now approved its variant of the Nokia Lumia 830.

Of course, the Nokia Lumia 830 has always been an officially supported device - users of the unlocked model have been enjoying Windows 10 Mobile since March. For carrier-locked models, however, the upgrade must be approved.

This will be the third of AT&T's four devices that are on the list of officially supported Windows phones. The Lumia 640 was offered an upgrade at the beginning of June. Later in the month, Lumia 1520 users would have the opportunity. The only phone left for AT&T to upgrade now is the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL.

If you want in on Windows 10 Mobile, you'll need to opt-in through the Upgrade Advisor app. Once you do, check for updates through Settings as you would normally do.

Source: AT&T via Windows Central

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