Azure hit with outages, all is almost back to normal

Microsoft's cloud is having a rough month, with Azure outages hitting the service earlier this month, followed by another wide-spread outage that took some services offline today. The outage affected multiple regions and included Virtual Machines, Cloud Services and Web sites. As of the time of this posting, nearly all services are back online with only the Europe North region still having issues with websites.

Microsoft, Amazon, Google and all of the cloud providers stake their reputation on up-time for their services which means that these instances of down-time do hurt the brand. More so, when corporations are basing their applications on these cloud infrastructures, not only is it hurting Microsoft's image but their users are knocked offline and can lose money as well.

Azure is a growing business for Microsoft and is a billion-dollar business line that Satya Nadella knows quite well; he helped to build out the Azure platform. Microsoft was able to fix these issues rather quickly and nearly all users are back up and running; and even with the downtime, Azure and other cloud services typically have better reliability than on-premise deployments.

With this being the second major outage in a month, all eyes will be on Microsoft to see how they will perform over the coming weeks.

Source: Microsoft | Via: ZDnet

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