Back to back pre-NoDo and NoDo updates released to T-Mobile users

News has filtered through to us that Microsoft has finally started to launch their first batch of Windows Phone 7 updates to some carriers and branded phones.

At first it was only the pre-nodo update that was sent to T-Mobile and Orange (UK) based Windows Phone 7 users early in the afternoon, at least according to a number of twitter posts.

Since then, WPCentral has begun reporting that Microsoft is also releasing the full NoDo release to T-Mobile users and their handsets later in the day. Currently it seems to be aimed at HTC HD7’s and Dell Venue Pro’s handsets, although the rollout seems to be slow.

At the moment we have no confirmation on whether the NoDo update has also been released to Orange users, but judging from a UK Orange PR tweet, it certainly isn't far away.

The final NoDo update is build number 7390, and adds the much-publicized Copy and Paste feature as well as bug fixes and slight speed improvements to app loading, especially in relation to game load times. The update also adds specific marketplace search improvements, to make it easier for users to find applications they actually want. A full list of improvements for NoDo have been posted on the official Microsoft support site.

Update: Three (UK) is also expected to start to launch NoDo on their handsets later today according to WPCentral.

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