Bing makes finding a hotel easier

Following Bing's predictions regarding the Oscar winners before the event has even begun, the Bing team has added a new, more useful feature to the search engine. The latest addition allows users to compare hotels, view their respective menus and even order food online.

For example, if some one searches for hotels in Aspen, they will be able to see all the hotels in said locality including useful information and photos of the respective hotel. Rating from Trip Advisor will also be available at the top of the page allowing users to compare hotels with relative ease.

By simply clicking on any of the available hotels, users will be able to see more relevant information in a sidebar, including the address, phone number, directions, website, ability to make reservations, snippets of reviews and ratings and its average pricing details.

The feature is confirmed to be available in the US, UK and France and we hope the Bing team will further improve upon this.

Bing has improved a lot over the years in terms of new features and search results. It also has had a decent track record for predictions, correctly predicting the outcome of the Scottish referendum last year, as well as a majority of the games in the 2014 FIFA World Cup and being pitted against NFL games, correctly predicting the Patriots Super Bowl win.

Source: Bing

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