Bing teams up with Angry Birds

It seems like everyone is getting a little slice of Angry Birds these days, and that doesn't exclude search engines. Bing has partnered with Angry Birds to hopefully gain some attention from the millions of people who have downloaded the game onto their phones.

Starting today, you can watch the first two installments in a four-part series of videos where the pigs plan different ways to get the treasured eggs using Bing, of course. The first episode is posted below:

You can watch the second episode and follow up with new ones by subscribing to Bing's YouTube channel. Meanwhile, the company said that Angry Birds will integrate itself with Bing.

For a limited period, Angry Birds will also feature search integration with Bing providing over a hundred clues to speed you through the levels and help squash the porcine thieves. Featuring Bing Image Search, Bing Maps, and Bing Shopping, the videos show Angry Birds fans how they can advance in the game, featuring the lovable Angry Birds characters.

Bing ended its statement by clamoring that they're "excited" to help Angry Birds gamers and fans reach new levels within the game.

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