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Michael Collado
Miami, FL
10 January 2011
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Michael has always been interested in technology and gadgets... and writing. It was only natural that the two would blend at some point or another. He has spent the last three years writing for Zunited.net, a Microsoft fan site and community. During those three years he also learned the ins and outs of administrating, hosting a podcast, and in the last year, even producing a podcast. Though, he does claim he is the worst Microsoft fanboy since he owns an iPhone 4, chose a Wii and Roku over an Xbox, and has deeply considered getting a MacBook.

In his free time, Michael enjoys observing metro-goers and fancies himself a television junkie. In fact, he's a self-proclaimed 'Friends'lopedia (ask him anything about the show!) and bought a $3 app to remind him of new episodes. You can often find him ranting off on his blog or correcting people for saying "I could care less" instead of the should-be "couldn't care less."

He currently resides in Miami, Florida where he is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in (Broadcast) Journalism and Mass Communications.

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