Bing update makes searching for animated GIFs a lot easier

Earlier this week, Microsoft rolled out a new update to its Bing search engine, allowing users to perform searches using emoji, rather than words. Today, the company has added another feature to Bing, with an easier way to search for animated GIFs - just in time for Halloween too, so get ready to search for some spooky bats, haunted houses and glowing pumpkins.

This new update makes searching for GIFs a lot easier. Now, when you perform an image search, you can click on the "Type" filter below the search bar and select "Animated GIF", and the page will refresh to display the animated GIFs only.

You can simply hover over the image to play the GIF automatically. Moreover, you won't have to filter your queries to find the related animated GIFs.

Any search result that is an animated GIF will have the "GIF" badge on its bottom left corner as seen in the photo below, which will make it simpler for you to know whether the image will animate on hover or click of the image.

You can try out this feature yourself by heading over to Bing Images.

Do you like this improved method to search for GIF content in Bing? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Bing

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