Bing Windows 8 app searches now show Windows Store results

If you download and install Windows 8 on your PC, or if you buy a new Windows 8 or Windows RT device starting on Friday, you will find that Bing will be the default Internet search engine you will use, although you can change it to Google if you really want to. That's not a surprise.

What is interesting is that searching for items on Bing on Windows 8 products will not just bring you some links or images. As reports, it may also offer some direct download links to Windows 8 apps that users can download from the Windows Store.

In hindsight, this shouldn't be much of a shock. Windows Phone owners already encounter similar download links to apps when they search for things on the Internet via Bing. However, it does show that Microsoft considers Windows 8 app downloads to be just as important for search results as links, images or video.

With the number of Windows 8 apps growing by leaps and bounds now, it seems likely that more and more apps will also appear in Bing search strings. Hopefully, app developers will try to stay away from creating apps made specifically for being found in search results and not much else.

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