Black Friday 2011: Apple's only sale price cuts

Black Friday 2011 is the only day of the year where you can walk into an Apple retail store, or check out the company's online web store, and see price cuts on products. That day has arrived for 2011 and as promised, Apple has cut the prices on some of its devices and other products.

While the sale prices are not all that spectacular, they do represent a change from Apple's normally tight fisted stances on price reductions for product that are technically still in their prime. If you want an iPad 2, you can save between $41 to $61 today, depending on which model you get. Getting a new iPod Touch directly from Apple will save you between $21 and $41 today, Once again depending on the model. You can also save $101 on a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac PC today. Finally there are a ton of Apple peripherals and third party products that get a price cut today.

Keep in mind that, unlike other Black Friday sales that extend through the entire weekend, Apple's Black Friday sales event really is on Black Friday only. On Saturday, these modest price decreases will be gone. However, as we have mentioned before, other retailers are offering to throw in things like gift cards if you buy an Apple device from them this weekend.

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