BlackBerry 10 TV ad to debut during Super Bowl XLVII

Next week is, without a doubt, the most important week in the history of Research in Motion. The company will hold a number of press events around the world on Wednesday, January 30th to reveal the first official details on its its BlackBerry 10 smartphone OS and hardware (yes, we know there's already been a ton of leaks about BB10).

Now RIM has confirmed that it will end its busy week with an appearance in the biggest single live TV event of the year. We are speaking, of course, of Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd, which is expected to have an audience of well over 100 million viewers for CBS. reports that RIM has bought a 30 second ad during the game, which has a price tag of between $3.7 million and $3.8 million.

There's no word on what the commercial will look like. However, the TV ad will also be accompanied by a ton of sponsored posts on both Twitter and Facebook during the game.

As we have reported before, there are major hints that Microsoft is planning to run a new TV ad to announce the launch of the Surface Pro tablet on February 9th. So far, Microsoft has not confirmed or denied that it has plans for a Super Bowl commercial of its own to promote the Surface Pro.

Source: | Image via RIM

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