Blizzard announces Starcraft 2 is coming

Blizzard WWI in Seoul, South Korea - Blizzard has unveiled that the long-awaited video game it is developing goes by the name of "Starcraft 2". That's right. Starcraft 2 is coming! They sure took their sweet old time with saying anything exciting (an hour), as with any huge announcement. Of course it's all about creating and extending the hype. It really goes without saying that no matter what game Blizzard announced, excitement would ensue. Details on the game will follow soon, but right now I just wanted to get this posted for everyone. Are you happy with Blizzard's announcement? Leave your thoughts below.

Video: Cinematics | Gameplay (YouTube, Flash Required)
View: Starcraft 2 | Press Release
Screenshot: >> Click here << (Courtesy of IGN)
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