Bluetooth 3.0 to be launched on April 21

The anticipated Bluetooth 3.0 is gearing up to be launched this month, on the 21st, according to Wi-Fi Net News. Currently, there is no official list of chip-makers who have partnered up to make this all possible, but it's expected to be released along with the specification later this month.

So, what does this mean for us? Well, first and foremost, dramatically improved Bluetooth speeds. Bluetooth 3.0 will make transferring files a lot faster, because it uses 802.11 technology, and can switch between the faster standard and the slower, previous standard. When the new chip finds another chip or computer that uses the faster 802.11 standard, they both switch to that option and transfer the files needed. Upon doing so, they shift back to the slower standard, to save battery life. This option works without any need to connect to a wireless network to help speed things up, also.

It won't take long for devices to start showing up with the new standard, after the formal announcement, so a better way to wirelessly transfer files isn't far off, folks. Once the official announcement is made, apparently the group behind the standard, the Bluetooth SIG, will have a bunch of products ready to sample.

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