Microsoft Ad: 'Maybe we'd rather go PC'

Yeap, that's right. Microsoft has released the third edition of their 'Laptop Hunters' ad campaign, following on from the first and second. The first ad featured a woman named Lauren, and the second was a guy named Giampaolo, and, you guessed it, they chose a PC. Keeping with the trend, you won't be surprised that the stars of this ad, Lisa and Jackson, choose a PC as well. You know the deal; they're given $1500 to find and buy a laptop, and they keep what they buy, and any change left over.

Lisa wants a computer that is fast, has a big hard drive and Jackson wants a good gaming computer. They browse for a bit, and upon coming to the Macs (Lisa notes, "They're kinda popular with this age"), they say that whilst a MacBook looks nice, it's a bit small and is a lot of money. They end up with a Sony Vaio, as opposed to an HP from the previous two ads.

Please enjoy the ad embedded below, this time in a YouTube format:

So, this is the third ad in the series and Microsoft is pumping them out pretty quickly. They're attracting a lot of attention, and that's just what they need to do. What do you think, Neowin?

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