CES 2012 starts this weekend, and we'll be there!

Its creeping up quickly, the booths are about to go up and the news of whats going to be announced is slowly trickling out. Consumer Electronics Show is one of the worlds biggest technology shows, and Neowin will have a team of writers on the ground to cover it as it happens.

Covering CES is not a small task, its hours upon hours of people trying to get your attention so that youll cover their new self watering dog bowl or the 200-odd iPad knock offs that look nothing like the real deal. But, overshadowing those are the big guns, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Verizon, Sprint and many others will be there to show off all their latest gadgets.

This year marks Microsofts final year at CES, and were hoping theyll go out with a bang showing off tidbits of Windows 8 or even the next Windows Phone. However, its unlikely well see anything earth shattering, considering the company itself has said thats not going to happen.

2012 is going to be the year of super thin devices, such as TVs, and the big new "trend" appears to be ultrabooks among manufacturers. Perhaps Google TV will start showing up in every device, too? Its hard to say yet, but well know in just 7 days. Our staff will be on the ground beginning January 8 to bring you the early goodness.

Brad Sams, Owen Williams, Doug Bemis and Christopher White will be on the ground, working hard, long hours to bring you the latest and greatest in technology. Make sure to follow each of them (@bdsams, @findingnewo, @dougbemis, @Fezmid) as well as @Neowinfeed on Twitter if you want a play by play of whats actually happening at CES. Wed love to discuss whats going on with you too.

Get ready to see whats going to be the next big thing, next week, January 10-13. Stay tuned.

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