China develops and deploys IPv9

CHINA IS PUSHING its own flavour of IPv9 long before the West has got around to accepting IPv6. According to China Tech News, Ipv9, which being compatible with IPv4 and IPv6, has been formally adapted and popularised into the civil and commercial sector.

IPv9 is based on a ten-digit computing method, and it has its own address protocol, nameplate, transitional, and digital domain name regulations and standards. It uses three sets of root domain name servers and two sets of hard-connect servers. The two domain name servers can handle three million users and fifty percent simultaneously.

The system was penned by Xie Jianping who said his protocol could see logistic separations between the different versions of IP and safely control them.

He said that it had been tested in Shanghai's Changing and Jinshan Districts and proved to be both safe and stable.

It is to be rolled out with the National Safety Defence System, National Digital TV Network, as well as several IPv9 network experimental programs.

News source: Softpedia

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