PearPC - PowerPC Emulator Author Dies

On a blog for the popular Mac emulation software (PearPC) co-author Sebastian Biallas has written of Stefan Weyergraf's death late yesterday evening. A tragic end to a young developer who proved that Mac emulation software wasn't a myth.

The message from co-author Sebastian Biallas reads:

"Yesterday evening at 23:00 one of my best friends, one of my best critics, one of the most valuable programmers of PearPC, the one who could help me in all situations, the one with whom I had the best time of my life, died after getting hit by a train.

Stefan 'steveman' Weyergraf -- Rest In Peace. We'll never forget you."

Condolences to Stefan's friends and family & Sebastian. We hope this isn't the last we'll hear of PearPC. Rest in peace.

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