Corsair shows off PC2-10000 memory

OUR REVIEW of Corsair's Dominator PC-9136C5D modules, caused some enthusiast forums and colleagues to question the results achieved running two very happy and overclockable modules. Indeed, we were surprised to see 2.38V modules running at at 1.3GHz, but the explanation arrived earlier today.

While talking to the Corsair crew, we learned that all of the Dominators are tied speed-wise to the lowest targeted denominator, which means there may be still a lot of performance left in the modules. Performance does not only mean running at the highest possible clocks, but also achieving clocks with uncommon voltage settings. The design of Dominator modules enabled Corsair to make one interesting product announcement: Corsair Dominator PC-10000 modules. These modules are guaranteed to work at 1.25GHz with latencies CL5, 5-5-18-2T, but that is not the highest clock you can reach

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