Counter-Strike 1.6 Beta update

Thanks Electronic Punk a friend and loyal Neowin member! for telling me about the latest update to the long beta process of Counter-Strike 1.6 patch update. Currently this is only available on Steam.

7.21.03 - beta (current release)


  • Added support to choose voice codec quality.

  • More changes to Aztec to reduce CPU overhead.

  • Added new explosion sounds.

    Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed server crash when kicking bot who is defusing the bomb.

  • Fixed radio/VOX sounds not playing after alt-tab'ing out of the game.

  • Fixed bot allow rifle/machine gun options being swapped in new game dialog.

  • Fixed server info dialog staying up over game.

  • Fixed several slowdowns when having a large number of users in a friends list.

  • Fixed sniper zoom blackout not being the same size at different resolutions.

  • Fixed hitch first time sound was played through vgui when not in game.
Download: Steam

View: Counter-Strike Update History

News source: Steam Users Forums

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