Feature phones featureless? Smartphones to take mobile lead by 2011

According to Nielsen, by the end of 2011 there will be more smartphones in operation than feature phones. Smartphones currently control a full quarter of the mobile market; accessing email, web, social and voice on the go will only become more prevalent as the market continues to grow at an alarming pace. Combine this with the current mobiles in use and the unprecedented growth over the last 5 years, Nielsen's predictions may very well hold true.

With a 2% growth since the last quarter and 64% growth over last year, the smartphone shows no signs of tapering off. Android alone has grown more than 886% in the last year and while 90% of iPhone users remain loyal to their brand, all other facets continue to grow.

This dynamic shift is HUGE for the market. From POTS to mobile to smart, Alexander Graham Bell would be proud. Sparking an industry that to this day supports millions of jobs and has connected the masses, Alexander would be proud to see his work shift from the wall, to the desk and finally into the pocket of the proletariat.

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