Daily Gaming: December 2, 2010

Lots of new titles have been announced today. They range from Doctor Who's final adventure based episode coming on Christmas day, to a new Ghostbusters title that will hit the PC, XBLA and PSN next year. We also have details of Pocket God and Angry Birds Seasons on Android while the iPad/iPhone and iPod touch get down with Rock Band Reloaded with voice recognition.

General News

New Ghostbusters title next year

A new Ghostbusters game called "Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime" has been announced on USA Today. The game will be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade, the PlayStation Network and the PC. It won't contain any voice work by the cast and will be a top-down action title with four player co-op both online and off. More news when we get it.

Final Doctor Who episode to launch at Christmas

The BBC have let us know that the final episode of the Doctor Who adventures will be released straight after the Christmas special that will be shown on Christmas Day. The final episode is called  ‘Shadows of the Vashta Nerada’ and this fourth episode sees the first appearance of the monsters since they were shown in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead on the TV.

Angry Birds Seasons released on iPhone/iPad and Android

The biggest and best iPhone and Android game has got yet another big update. Angry Birds Seasons has been released and is an updated version of their Halloween title. The game can be bought on the iTunes app store for just .59p/$.99 but Android users get the best deal as the game is free! Yes free once again, so there is no excuse not to download it. The chances are that we be seeing a lot more of Angry Birds over the next year or so, not just on mobile devices, but on the consoles too.

Pocket God coming to Android and Windows Phone 7

Popular iPhone title, Pocket God has been released on the Android operating system today, with a Windows Phone 7 version not far behind. The game/application contains all of the features that players have come to known and love. For more information about Pocket God, please check out the official site at www.boltcreative.com.

Xbox News

The Xbox 360 is now five years old in Europe

Five years ago to the day, the Xbox 360 launched in Europe. Unusually for a console, Microsoft decided to launch the 360 within a week of the American launch, something that was unheard of before then. The Xbox 360 has come on leaps and bounds since then with all kinds of updates from a new dashboard to Kinect. Let's hope the machine has another five years of gaming ahead of it.

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad News

EA Release Rock Band Reloaded

Electronic Arts have announced the release of Rock Band Reloaded on the iPad/iPhone and iPod touch. Not only does the game now have a whole load of great songs from such well known artists like Nirvana, NIN and more, but it now has voice recognition features built into it. Here is a bit more about the game and more specifically, the voice features:

New vocal recognition features introduce players to a unique way to play by singing directly into their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to earn points. Players can showcase their inner rock star by picking from a setlist of songs that include “Hella Good” by No Doubt, “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down, “Your Decision” by Alice in Chains, “White Wedding” by Billy Idol, “In Bloom” by Nirvana, “A-Punk” by Vampire Weekend and many more. In addition to the songs included with the initial purchase, free* tracks are available in the Music Store along with Premium Packs by The All American Rejects, Third Eye Blind, Blink-182 and other top-selling artists available through In App Purchase.

For the first time on iPad, ROCK BAND Reloaded packs delivers device-exclusive features including a Multiplayer mode where players can challenge friends live in a head-to-head split-screen environment. Flexible controls provide for ultimate customization of all play styles. The iPad game’s new “Big Drums” layout increases the interactivity of this fan-favorite instrument. Songs are now more accessible to players with custom playlists in Quick Play and quick replay using an “Encore” feature.

Other game features include a new Expert mode for experienced players along with a World Tour mode that enables players to rock six cities and 36 events earning up to 50 awards and achievements all while living the Rock N’ Roll dream. By logging into Facebook, players have access to the News Center where they can find out when new songs launch, follow friends’ exploits and directly challenge their friends’ accomplishments with a simple touch of the screen. And for those just looking to jam, get “the band” together via local WiFi and Bluetooth and play live on guitar, bass, drums, or vocals with up to three bandmates using their own iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

You can discuss any of these titles on our gaming forums here at Neowin.


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