EA interested in acquiring more studios

This is a screenshot from Need for Speed

Today, EA revealed its latest earnings and, as you probably suspected, Battlefield 2042 didn't perform as well as the company had hoped. However, EA is optimistic about the future of the title. Even after all these months, lingering server and visual issues plague Battlefield 2042. Hopefully, developer DICE will implement bug fixes soon before players move on.

During the earnings call, EA also said that it hasn't revealed three or four more games it's working on, and it's looking into acquiring other studios. You can read the quote transcribed by MP1st below.

We got a Need for Speed game coming, and there are three or four more things we haven't announced yet, but you can imagine we are always trying to find ways to grow the portfolio year over year through new titles, new IP, and expansion, and as well, acquisition, which right now we are in the digest mode, but it doesn't mean we won't keep looking at everything going forward.

EA is the second biggest publisher behind Activision Blizzard, so it'll be interesting to see what teams it's interested in. Current Activision Blizzard head Bobby Kotick hinted that EA wanted to acquire his company, but that seems like a stretch given EA's low cash reserves and market value. However, a deal may have been possible by adding stock options.

EA has been struggling lately when it comes to its tent pole franchises like Battlefield and Need for Speed. They've been critical and commercial disappointments. Maybe EA should focus on improving the quality of its products before it looks at acquiring more studios.

What do you think of EA? Did you like Battlefield 2042 or the recent Need for Speed games? Let us know in the comments below.

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