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Enterprise new season, Shockwave Part II

As per usial, Slashdot has announced that indeed, the new second season of Enterprise starts tonight on UPN @ 8pm Eeastern, US Time. (Not sure when it's gonna be broadcast in other parts of the world, check your locak TV listings or schedule!)

I watched Shockwave Part I last night on UPN 38 (Boston), so it should a good start to the new season.

Here's the Synopsis from the Enterprise web site for all those who care to want to know what possibly happens in this new episode :-

    Intent on stopping Archer and Enterprise's mission, the diabolical Suliban take the crew hostage when it is discovered that Archer has mysteriously disappeared off the ship.

    While stuck in the decimated remains of the 31st century, Archer and Daniels work to find a way to get back to Enterprise; and Daniels worries that the future existence of The Federation may be in jeopardy as a result of his impulsive action to remove Archer from Enterprise, forever changing the course of history.

News source: Enterprise: Season 2 - Shockwave, Part II
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