European Zune delayed until 2008?

Ahh man this rules out me having one shortly after my birthday (Nov. 9th) gifts welcome Anyway my mate Patrick of OSNN picked up on this article over at Reg Hardware..

I am not a patient person and will generally do what I can to ensure I can get something as soon as I can, so it gets me all hyped up when I read something like this on the Register:

Microsoft's Zune music player and online content store combo is "way off launch" in Europe and the UK, the company has admitted. The "earliest date" it might appear here? The end of 2007, or possibly even 2008, a Microsoft executive has revealed.

"The earliest date it will be in the UK is towards the end of 2007. However, it could easily be 2008," Microsoft media and entertainment alliance manager Dene Schonknecht said, according to UK trade paper New Media Age.

So the USA get this thing in two weeks and we in the UK might well be waiting yet another 13 months?

Although it won't support connecting to my wireless home network out of the box (or at least not initially) I really like the look of these players, so the only other question I need to ask... If I bought one in the USA will it charge over USB?

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