Ever dreamt of a Ryzen vending machine arcade game? Japan's got you covered... almost

There are literal vending machines for getting a quick CPU in Japan if anyone desires. The vending machines, as spotted by a Twitter user @Nullpo_x3100, contain Ryzen boxes, - mostly Ryzen 5 5600X ones, - that users can pay just ¥1000 or around ~US$9 to obtain.

A vending machine game with AMD Ryzen boxes

For those wondering how it is possible to get a Ryzen 5 CPU so cheaply, the answer is because these aren't actually Ryzen CPUs if at all. In fact, the boxes are actually dummies that house one or more older processors like Celerons, Pentiums, Athlons, or maybe if you're lucky, a first-gen Ryzen 3, like Ryzen 3 1200. There could be other variants on offer too but we can't be sure without a personal hands-on.

From what it seems, the vending machines appear to be a fun arcade game for shoppers and pedestrians who venture around that place in the market. The game could also be an interesting way for the disposal or recycling of older CPUs as well as the Ryzen boxes.

You can check out how the game works in this video linked here.

If only gamers could get some vending machines like these for obtaining actual graphics cards so easily, as those are expected to become even harder to find come September due to fresh lockdown rules put in place for new COVID-19 breakouts in China.

Source: @Nullpo_x3100 (Twitter)

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